Saturday, July 2, 2011

Home Vs. Crops

Where do you like to work? I want feedback! Do you like to work at home in your own crafty space or do you prefer to work at a crop or friends house? Hmmmm...I am really torn but you get to hear my thoughts anyway.

I am going to give you my pros and cons for each.

Home Pros

1. Everything is there! That is my fave part of working in my beautiful space. I don't have to worry about forgetting anything.

2. I can listen to my music and dance if I feel like it or I can turn on Netflix and watch a movie while I work.

3. I spent a lot of time getting my space just the way I like it, I feel I should use it as much as possible.

4. Working at home is free and I can grab a 1/2 hour or several hours whenever I can. It is always available.

Home Cons

1. Sometimes it can be lonely. I am a social person and love the company of friends.
2. My sweet little kitties can be somewhat problematic. They like to chew on my ribbon, paper and anything plastic and they like to crawl all over my work. (I know this is my own fault)

3. My family, although I love them dearly, seem to always need me to find something or do something. It seems to be never ending. So, my time is interrupted.
Crop Pros

1. There are lots of people to talk to and see.

2. There are usually lots of good food and munchies.

3. It is fun to get feedback from others if you are stuck on a project.

4. Usually there are vendors and it it always great to shop!

5. Tons of fun no matter where you are!

Crop Cons

1. Lots of people means lots of social time and less work time.

2. Usually others want feedback from you and this means less work time.

3. Vendors are usually there and this means more shopping and less work time.
4. The crops cost money. Although many times they are fundraising crops for a great cause.

I am still torn and probably always will be. I enjoy working at crops because of the friends, food and shopping! What can I say, I am a social gal! But being at home is nice. I don't enjoy packing my paper and tools all of the time. But, since I am going digital, bringing the laptop doesn't take too much effort. I will continue to split my time and do both but if asked, being with friends will always be my first choice!

Let me know! Where do you like to work...and why?

Happy scrapping!


  1. I have to work at home right now...and I'm lucky enough not to have cats. My issue is time; when I have time to work, it's either late at night or first thing in the morning. And, with two in college, free is always best. Food? I sure don't need any more of that than necessary!
    I miss my friends, it's true. But, I figure they'll understand... :)

  2. I like a mixture of both, pretty much for all the reasons you said. (Gee, great minds really DO think alike!) I figure the productivity balances with the socializing, making me happy in both realms. :)

  3. Hello! Joining you from the blog frog. I have never been to a crop, so I wouldn't know which I'd prefer. I do love scrapbooking and crafting from home, and if my friends want to join me they are always welcome. They aren't really scrappy/crafty individuals though, and I'd rather be doing that than be out at a club somewhere lol. Guess I'm on my own lol.

    Hope you have a great 4th of July!!!

    Hugs, Connie

  4. I was going to say join me in my online crops, but looks like you're going to already! I'll be sure to e-mail you a reminder =D
    Typically I prefer crops because I don't have my kids to bother me when I'm trying to scrap. I'm pretty good at still working and talking at the same time too. Unfortunately not many people in my community do them anymore so that's partly why I started my online crops.