Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sending Some More Moxxie Love!

Since we love Moxxie so much, I thought I'd add some more fun projects I've been working on lately.

This first one is a fun layout using Moxxie's picnic line. I LOVE the gingham background paper! If you look very closely at each square, you'll see a word embedded in there! "Eat" and "Yum". Do you see them? So clever... I also really loved the graphics of the ants carrying off all the picnic food, so I found a Pagemaps sketch that I could work with to show my photos, as well as the cute papers. :) I hope Rich, Lori, and Andy don't mind being on my blog!

That adorable baby girl is the granddaughter of one of my very best friends! Cindy emailed me the pictures, and they just HAD to go on a layout. This little bundle of joy has the BEST facial expressions I've ever seen on a newborn! I used Moxxie's Special Delivery line as my backgrounds because I like how sophisticated the color palette is, and I really liked the way Reece's bright yellow and pink outfit popped when put on this paper. Besides, the pink and brown color combo is SO this half of Micheggy...

I loved this dog! I was never really a dog person, but Jay was, and he came home one day with the most adorable puppy he found at the Humane Society. (I never even knew he was going!) Anyway, we quickly named the dog Captain, and he was a wonderful companion. Captain looked awfully nice on this Paws & Claws paper line from Moxxie. I think the puppy on the paper is equally as cute, so I was really pleased with the layout, and just had to try another for my kitty page:

There's Penelope! The world's greatest, most spoiled kitty! I have a ton of funny pictures of her, but these of her sleeping in my old butterfly chair are just too adorable. Look how easily the paper line becomes a neutral background, and Penelope is highlighted in all her glory... On a product note, the rub-ons that go with this line reminded me how much I love using a good quality rub-on! I have to say that Moxxie's are some of the best on the market. The graphics are beautiful, they're backed in white so that the images are opaque and can be rubbed onto any color background, and they rub off the transfer paper with ease.

I hope you enjoyed the layouts. I think we'll have lots more Moxxie ideas coming up in the next couple of weeks or so!

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  1. Yay! I love the layouts. Such cute little babies, puppies and kitties! Good job! You take great photos.