Sunday, July 3, 2011


I really wanted to do something fun for the holiday. So, what could be better than a freebie for you to download. I was at a graduation party for my neighbor, Brooke and they had a table full of cupcakes with tents telling us what kind they were. It thought it would be fun to take this idea and make a fun template. So here is a layered digital template for a table tent or a topper for a fun filled baggie of candy for your friend. It was created in Photoshop Elements 7. So you can add your own digital papers and elements then print it out. If you want you can add some ribbon or flowers for a hybrid project. Fold it in half and you are done. I hope you have fun with it!

Thanks for reading the blog!

These are some samples I made with the template. It is too fun!

Download the template here


  1. How cute is this idea.. thanks for sharing!

  2. Very pretty cards1 Thank you for leaving me a link to this blog.. I'll be back to check on new posts.. Have a great week! ~

  3. Ooh...I like this one. If I download it, will you talk me through it, teacher?

  4. Thanks. Of course I will help! So silly.

  5. Very cute! I need to learn a lot more about PS Elements. I use it for the very basics, which is kinda dumb cuz I could just use Picnik! I just have never taken the time to learn!

    Thanks so much for dropping by today! Hope to see you again soon.

  6. I love your blog! You are quite talented, and I'm looking forward to reading and hopefully learning how to do this myself!
    Thank you for the posts!