Monday, June 27, 2011


A subject near and dear to our heart: shopping. :) We LOVE to shop for all kinds of items. We are especially drawn to crafty items, but we also buy clothes, (see post entitled "The Incredible Shrinking Pants" and jewelry from K. Jackson & Co.

Just this weekend, at Micheggy Card Camp part 2, we couldn't resist a walk around the store to see all the goodies. With the 30% off sale, we definitely took our time to really see what we might...ahem...need. One of our favorite things to do is actually buy jewelry together. At K. Jackson & Co., most of the jewelry is offered in sets of earrings and a necklace. Michelle likes the earrings, and Peggy likes the necklaces, so it works out really well! We each just got a funky new piece to add to our accessory wardrobe for under $10 each!

When we are craft supply shopping, we usually take our time and inspect lots of items. On the list of favorites are generic embellies like flowers and brads and bling...oh my!, pretty patterned papers, tools we can't live without, and of course, Quick Quotes inks! (Together we have all the colors, and most of them 2-3 times.) :) We also check out the unusual areas of the store as there are often some items just waiting to be altered into something cute. Peggy keeps a reasonably deep stash of these items in her "Emergency Supply Closet." It includes things like lunchboxes, giant clothespins, photo cubes, frames, buckets, and more alterable treasures.

What do you look for when shopping? What are you drawn to, either to purchase or pick up and ponder its possibilities? What is it that you...ahem...need?

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  1. Shoes. Duh. Oh, and kitchen gadgets. :)