Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What's That In Yer Sleeve?

Ha ha!!

As usual, when Micheggy starts talking, some new plan is developed, from concept to construction, and in this case...action! We must just hit each other at the right time, in the right mood, to take on new and exciting endeavors. This one was Michelle's idea. Wait...I shouldn't say that. If we become millionaires in the future, she might sue me for my half. Nah... :)

Here's what went down...

Michelle called Peggy, and while whining about the crummy weather, inserted a seed of an idea that Peggy thought was fantastic! Michelle was out the door, coming to Peggy's house, (after stopping at Fareway to get groceries for dinner that night) so they could discuss it. Believe it or not, both of us brought out a bottle of opened wine, to "finish off" while we devised our plan. :)


We can't give you ALL the details of our plan, but we can tell you this. You are about to see many more posts on our Micheggy blog. We are going to work at publishing regular posts for our readers, focusing on scrapbooking, cardmaking, papercrafting, and the fun between friends.

What we want as a result at this point is quite simple. We want to interact with our followers. We want you to comment, and we want to comment back. :) We want to gather even MORE readers, so please recommend us to your scrappy friends.

To start off our project, what kind of things do you most like reading about on a scrappy type blog? Friendship stories? Techniques? Project ideas? Contests? New products? What draws you to read a blog post? Which blogs do you follow and why?

Use this as your chance to help us develop the scrapbooking powerhouse that IS... Micheggy. Then get ready....because the fun is about to begin!! (Insert maniacal laugh here.)


  1. This sounds AWESOME!!! Maybe at some point readers could submit ideas too! (Do you two ever take a break?)

  2. To answer all your questions: yes.

  3. I love the idea of readers sbmitting ideas and I can't wait to hit all of these topics. This is fun!