Saturday, June 25, 2011

Time...Time... Here Time!

When I owned my scrapbook store you don't know how many times I heard, "I would love to do all this crafting, but I just don't have time." After, I don't know, the first 50 times I started replying, "It is just like anything else. If you want to do it, you have to make the time." Isn't that true for any hobby? If you want to bake, quilt, or even exercise you have to carve out some time in your day, week or month to do it. It takes discipline and determination, but it can be done.
Every year I would have moms of high school seniors who needed to get their child's entire life in an album and they had two weeks until the big graduation party. They would come in as much as they could and use my tools and work and work. Most of them got it done. I was very proud of them. But, had they worked on the album regularly over the years they would have been done in plenty of time and less stressed. Not many of us are wired to do this. And I am one of these people. I am the worst procrastinator ever. But, I am getting better. I am not scrapbooking every day by any means, but I do get something done every week or two. And, for me that is good.
I have started taking some online digital classes (I will got into that in a different post) but they have helped me actually sit down and finish a page. Plus I am learning something new and I love that.
So, here is your homework. Take out your calendar and make an appointment with yourself to sit and craft or do whatever it is you like to do. Give yourself at least an hour or two. You will be glad you did. Then, just like going to the salon, make your next appointment while you are still crafting. Then you be more likely to keep with it. For those of you who are members of The Craft Spot, Project Night can be your appointment each month. You will get 6 hours to work. If you do not have a place to go like that, then set up a crafting night or day or weekend with some of your crafting friends. You will all have a great time.
I would love to see some of your pages, cards, quilts or whatever you get done. You can email me at with photos!
Happy crafting!


  1. This post is directed at me isn't it?! LOL :)
    Oh, Michelle; such good advice. I hope everyone follows it. And yes, that means me, too!

  2. Nancy, you are too funny! It is directed at everyone who wants to craft but doesn't think they have the time. I am included! Now go use that beautiful craft room. LOL!

  3. Only if I can make cake in it; that's my "craft" for at least another week...

  4. We should sponsor a Micheggy online craft night some night. We could post our projects online for each other to see. What do you gals think?

  5. I think that sounds like fun! I'm in.