Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What Goes Around, Comes Around!

Most of you know I participated in a really fun Layout Competition on a site called The Studio but was not one of the three winners. :(. If I had won, I would get to design layouts using kits from their store. At the same time my competition was going on they were also having a "Next Designer Competition" These are designers of digital scrapbooking products that were competing for a chance to sell their designs in the store at The Studio. There were two that I was rooting for and both of them, plus one other won the contest. Yay!

Vickilyn, from Paper Capers Designs was one that I loved and the other was Rachel from Pretty in Green.

I was browsing the forum at The Studio the other day and noticed a call for the Creative Team for Paper Capers Designs. Naturally I was interested but I was supposed to have my application in by October 1. I decided to email Vicki and ask her if she was still taking apps and gave links to all the places she could find my layout designs. She emailed me right back and took me on her creative team. She said she loved my layouts I had done for the competition.

So, I am now creating layouts for her who has a store at The Studio.
So...what goes around...comes around! I love it.

Here are my first two layouts for her with her Monstrosity of Sillies Kit which you can find at here store here.

She also sells her products at Scrapinsider. You can find them here.

She has a really great Black & Gold kit called Optimistic. It is perfect for scrapping E-Hawk or Hawkeye pages. You should check it out.

You can "like" Paper Capers Designs on facebook here.

Enjoy all of her wonderful designs!

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  1. Congratulations, Michelle; well deserved!