Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Micheggy Craft Space(s) Tour

Hi! Welcome to our first dual blog post. We thought you might like to see us in our spaces so we are attempting to make videos. Which we did not like by the way. Let's just say we are our own worst critics. Now that we have worked past that, we have our tours to share with you.

Part 1- Mich

Part 2 - Eggy

There you have it! Probably more information than you ever dreamed you'd need, but we had fun making the videos and sharing them with you. We would like to see where you get your creativity on...can you post links to YOUR craft space tours?

Mich and


  1. Hmmm...Hey, Michelle...I don't think people wanted to see us in our craft rooms! LOL! :D

  2. I think everyone is simply struck dumb over the meticulous organization, and perhaps, rabidly jealous over your beautiful spaces...?
    After seeing your two rooms, I'll not be sharing my wee space with the general public. :)
    Beautiful rooms, girls!

  3. Oh come on Nancy, you have a great space. I would come over and help you film. Yours is probably ten times more organized than mine.

  4. Hey, it's me! Shannan Hagberg Wainwright. It was great to see Michelle "in person" after 30 years. It looks like you are doing well, and that is an amazing craft room. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Both are really beautiful craft spaces. Really enjoyed seeing the videos.

  6. Hey, yay! People DID want to see!! Nancy, I could just post the link from your blog where you DID share your beautiful space. ;) Thanks for the comments everyone!

  7. Really nice video. Hook them up and play them both at the same time. Good for giggles. Love it Michelle!

  8. These are 2 great spaces. I love organization
    ideas of any kind. Thanks Peggy & Michelle....
    Especially love the way all things are tagged on
    the outside....