Saturday, January 29, 2011

Freaky Friday?!?

You know the was re-made several years ago with Lindsey Lohan and Jamie Curtis. They ate some weird fortune cookie and switched bodies. Well something like that is going on with Micheggy! To the advantage of Michelle and the disadvantage to Peggy!

Somewhere along the way (really since we started this blog) a change has taken place. Peggy was always the organized, non procrastinating, waiting for Michelle to finish her part of the project person and Michelle was the one with piles of paper in her office needing to be dealt with, filed or burned and finishing projects the minute before the deadline. Now the roles are reversed. Michelle had her latest projects done about 2 weeks ahead of time and was helping Peggy finish hers just before the deadline! And, Peggy has been complaining about her super messy office that is driving her bonkers!

I am sure that becoming one person that day at lunch took a tole on us. Some for good, some for....well....not so good. Don't worry, Peggy things will revert back to "normal" soon just like the movie! But I have to say, it is fun being you!


  1. LOL!!

    I am crying for laughing so hard. I miss the old me. Sigh...

    However, here's what I'm learning:
    1. Being disorganized makes me lazy. I look at the mess piled around me and don't even want to start.
    2. Clutter in the office brings about clutter in the brain. I've forgotten simple things I need to remember, I overbook myself, and I can't think of the rest of this sentence...
    3. It's a gigantic snowball effect. Once I let go of one bit of control, other things have gone with it. I'm even eating poorly, and it's been a LONG time since I allowed that to happen!
    4. I'll enjoy my old self once I get her back, and I'll have new pity on Michelle when she returns to normal. :)

  2. Here is something to consider, you two: In the movie, both Lindsey and Jamie Leigh ended up better people from their "out of body" experience. You're just learning to appreciate each other more by changing identities for a while...
    I think we need more sun so we can all regain our focus and drive!