Saturday, January 8, 2011

Always so serious

Probably the BIGGEST undertaking for Micheggy was planning Imagine U, a 3 day scrapbooking event at the Wild Rose Casino and Resort. This took place in November of 2009, and was immensely successful. We had 70ish croppers, dozens of shoppers, classes full of students (does everyone remember what they learned in the Cricut class?!?) and a slightly overworked staff. :)

This photo below of Micheggy was taken before the event ever even started. See, we were taking cutesy photos of us in front of the booth, (as pictured above) before everyone arrived. Leah, the official event photographer, told us to "pretend" for an after picture. It wasn't hard to imagine, but I wish we would have gotten an official after photo. I don't think this one came close!

Once again, Micheggy impresses her friends with her calm demeanor, professionalism, and serious personality...

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