Sunday, January 9, 2011

For The Love of Wine

Last January, geez almost one year ago, Micheggy visited Anaheim, California for the Craft and Hobby Association Trade show. We had a lot of fun but one of the greatest memories I will take from the trip was visiting the winery, yes in Anaheim with Peggy's sister, Jeanne.

One thing Micheggy loves is wine, well most alcoholic beverages, I guess. We visited O C Custom Wine in Anaheim. Here is the link if you would like to check it out for yourselves,

We were the first customers of the day and they treated us very well. After tasting some wonderful wines we got to blend different wines to achieve the perfect wine for us. Well, each of us ended up with a different wine blend. Then, we got to blend and pour our own bottle and put our own label on it. Our wine was called "Fruity and Full Bodied" so perfect! It was a wonderful day and a great experience.

I shared my bottle with my sister, cousins, and my aunt. They loved it!

I think our next winery visit should be to one in Iowa.


  1. Whining for our wine! I should have made two bottles. :)

    We enjoyed ours with some good friends in St. Louis.

  2. I wish I had another bottle as well! It sure was good.

  3. When you decide to do an Iowa Wine tour let me know.....I'd love to tag along.

  4. I know how to wine and would be thrilled to go along!