Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Here It Is! The Info You Want!

Let's see, tell you more, you say? Well, here's the scoop: We are offering our first ever Micheggy Card Camp!

Card camp will run from 8am-12, take an hour for you to get some lunch, and pick up again from 1-5pm. During those 8 hours of classes, we will teach you 8 different techniques, completing 3 cards for each technique. By the end of the day, you will have 24 different cards, each using a technique that you can incorporate into your card making!

We are still working out the finer details, but we've also decided to offer it on two different dates, just in case you couldn't make one of them: June 18th and June 25th. We will be holding it at The Craft Spot in Emmetsburg, so we have to limit signups. As soon as we set the price and get a few samples made, we'll be ready to take registrations.

We are very excited about this, and think you will be too. We are really focusing on teaching some new skills that you don't already know, so you can leave with lots of ideas to inspire you to create more on your own. We will be sending you more information soon...very, very soon!

So...what do you think? Are you excited?!

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