Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Teaser

BEWARE: The following post is designed to get you curious and tease you about an upcoming Micheggy surprise!! Please post your questions and curiosities as we really want to know if anyone is actually reading our silly blog...

So yesterday, Micheggy were (was?) out walking and our brain started storming. We have come up with what we think will be our best project EVER! This is something you won't want to miss. It's traditional Micheggy with a modern flair that will be of interest to cardmakers worldwide. All right, maybe not worldwide, but certainly Midwestwide! That's right, cardmakers! This will be for YOU! I can't divulge too much as it's just in the planning stages right now, but it will be epic. Keep following our blog and pay close attention as we finalize plans and get you more information!

So...go ahead...post! What do you think we're talking about? What could this possibly be??? We anxiously await your guesses...



  1. Hmmm...no guesses yet. Either nobody is reading it, or they have no idea. I kinda hope that it's the latter...

  2. I have no idea. Lack of sleep has my brain functioning on a sub-par level these days; it's just too much to process!